Gingerbread, our holiday favourite!


Gingerbread has been a holiday confection within my family for generations.  I remember baking dark bittersweet cookies with my great grandmother.  She swore by her recipe which would, as my father would say, grow hair on my chest.  She favoured the dark and salty Blackstrap molasses, believing in its power to keep us healthy.  My grandmother on my Mother’s side was more partial to a lighter version which used a lighter molasses and some white sugar.  

We would also eat a gingberbread cake which had chunks of candied ginger, smothered with homemade ice cream, onto which we would pour fresh hot caramel sauce.



It's Not Just Cakes!

Grand Wedding Show table display

Yes, we’re always ankle deep in cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops, but that’s not all we do. We also have to work on marketing Cakeaters. I thought you’d like to hear about 3 things we’ve done in the last two months which have been a lot of fun.

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Grease Is The Word!

Grease program

We've been talking about starting a blog for Cakeaters for some time now, and the day is finally here! I say 'we' meaning Addie, Michele, and I. We'll be sharing lots of different things with you, such as what we're doing in the shop and who has been ordering! You'll hear our thoughts on the latest tools, techniques, and trends plus we'll include our tips, recipes, and anything else you'd like to hear. So, my friends, here we go with our blog posting number one!

This week we had the pleasure of creating a specialty cake for the cast and crew of Footlight Theatre Company's production of Grease.




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