Our gingerbread days are over....for now!

Gingerbread cookies

Hello everyone!  Season's Greetings! I hope you have had an enjoyable couple of weeks. I have totally enjoyed myself.  We've been very busy at the shop working on various orders that have ranged from birthdays to babies to Christmas.  

We are finished with Gingerbread for the year....woot woot!! Cookie, condo's, and houses...completed, delivered, and devoured.  We are weary of the smell and have nibbled enough to keep us satisfied for another year.  I had a good laugh while delivering one of our creations.  A very handsome man was helping me lift one of the extra large gingerbread buildings and he commented that I smelled gingerbread....blush!  I laughed and told him my last blog posting was titled 'I Smell Good' and was about just that!  Hmmmm......gingerbread perfume.  I wonder if it would sell!!

Below is a gingerbread house that Bosa Construction gave as a prize to one lucky little boy!  It's difficult to sense how large it is in the photo.  Let's just say the young chap could never have eaten it on his own!  When I put it on their table, it was taller than him!


Gingerbread house



It wasn't all gingerbread, though.   We also worked on some other really fun orders.  Penguins were the order of the day for Daniella's 1st birthday!  The sugar cookies were covered with black and white fondant, and piped with royal icing.


Penguin cookies


The sweet little penguins are removable and can be saved for years to long as they don't get nibbled on!

 Penguin winter cake



This past summer we received a frantic call from a customer who had just found out that the wedding cake they THOUGHT they ordered wasn't arriving  He called on Friday afternoon.  The wedding was the next day.  Luckily we had a beautiful wedding cake that we had just placed in the window. We drove it down to the Four Season's Hotel and they were delighted!  He called us last week and ordered a surprise Paris themed cake for his wife this weekend.  Here's what we did with his ideas.  


paris cake


We were able to shut down the shop for the 25th and 26th and have 2 full days off.  Michele went to Kamloops to visit her good friend who is expecting a baby.  Addie spent a fun and relaxing time with her Mom, in-laws, husband, and Olive, their fabulous Pug-Jack Russel cross, and I had a lovely time with my wonderful boys; Jack & Spencer and my wonderful cousin and her (my!) family.  I've been relaxing a lot today and using the time to reflect on the last year, only to be left wonder how it could have gone so unbelieveably fast!

Happy New Year to you all.  I am very excited about 2013 and look forward to being in contact with you to share what we're up to here at Cakeaters!! 


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