I smell good!


Hello friends.  We're still knee deep in gingerbread here at the shop.  Michele has measured out and baked over 200 pounds of gingerbread cookie dough for us.  We bake it, decorate it, build things out of it, and eat way too much of it!! 

The aroma wafts through the neighbourhood and saturates our hair and clothing with its beautiful spicy scent.  I walked into my home the other evening and stopped to talk to my son Jack.  Half way through our conversation he told me I smelled like the shop.  I asked him if that was a good thing or not.  He said it was!

It made me remember a time when my ex-husband and I were having an argument about what, I don't recall.  What I do remember, however, was his angry comment ' always smell like cake".  That has always struck me funny!  I figured if that was the worst thing he could say about me in a moment of anger, I didn't have much to worry about!

Here are some things we've been working on that have made us all smell good!  For his birthday, Addie treated her father-in-law to a delicious Guiness Chocolate cake that not only looked like a big can of that popular brew, but the cake was laced with it!

 Vancity (Branch 17) celebrated the opening of their renovated premises with a replica of their building made from Rice Krispie treats sitting on a chocolate blackout cake.


 and even though the wheels on this bus don't go 'round and round', our customers were clearly delighted with their purchase!  

Wheels on the bus




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