Gingerbread, our holiday favourite!


Gingerbread has been a holiday confection within my family for generations.  I remember baking dark bittersweet cookies with my great grandmother.  She swore by her recipe which would, as my father would say, grow hair on my chest.  She favoured the dark and salty Blackstrap molasses, believing in its power to keep us healthy.  My grandmother on my Mother’s side was more partial to a lighter version which used a lighter molasses and some white sugar.  

We would also eat a gingberbread cake which had chunks of candied ginger, smothered with homemade ice cream, onto which we would pour fresh hot caramel sauce.


At the shop we like a bit from both worlds, so we stick with a middle of the road version.  Last year we tried a different recipe from Martha Stewart.  It sounded interesting because it had pepper in it, along with different measures of other spices, but we returned to our tried and true recipe!



Gingerbread in mixer


Gingerbread has a long history.  It was brought to Europe in 992 and during the 13th century was carried to Sweden where it has been documented as being baked and used by Nuns to ease indigestion in 1444.  Here we are more than 560 years later, and our neighbours in Champlain Heights will tell you it only seems like yesterday that they smelled the sweet spicy aroma wafting through the neighbourhood. 

We make practically anything out of gingerbread!  Cookies, houses, castles, condominiums, and heritage buildings.  Here are a few pictures of projects from the past and present that have been commissioned by Bosa Construction and Axiom Builders.


A gingerbread castle. 


Bosa Gingerbread Castle


"Sage" out at UBC



Bosa Sage complete


"Patina" - downtown Vancouver


Bosa YMCA building


We are lucky enough to be working on a couple of other buildings 'as we speak' and can't wait to share the photos with you!  Happy baking everyone!!

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