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We've been talking about starting a blog for Cakeaters for some time now, and the day is finally here! I say 'we' meaning Addie, Michele, and I. We'll be sharing lots of different things with you, such as what we're doing in the shop and who has been ordering! You'll hear our thoughts on the latest tools, techniques, and trends plus we'll include our tips, recipes, and anything else you'd like to hear. So, my friends, here we go with our blog posting number one!

This week we had the pleasure of creating a specialty cake for the cast and crew of Footlight Theatre Company's production of Grease.



Off we went to the Michael J. Fox Theatre  to step back in time to 1959 and straight into high school at Rydell High. The production has a classic, hilariously corny storyline - first love, teenaged cliques, fast friends and sworn rivals, great cars and goofy teachers - set to a 50s-style pop/rock soundtrack which is played by a live and fabulous band! If you know the songs, you can't help but sing along with "Greased Lightnin'", "Summer Nights", "Hopelessly Devoted To You", "Mooning" and so many more. Grease is fun for everyone. Just ask my 15 year old son and his friend who came along! I urge you to take the opportunity to see the show. It runs until Nov. 24th, is great fun, and the ticket prices are friendly on the wallet.

The 'cake' we made was actually made of Rice Krisipe treats. We cooked and then shaped it into a block which was carved by Addie to take on the shape of the car. Fins were made from gumpaste and then covered with red fondant. As some of you know, we make our own fondant (you can buy it from us fresh each week!) however we use Satin Ice  for anything black or red.

While the fins for the car were drying, Addie began working on Sandy and Danny.


Grease unfinished heads


She started with the heads and torsos.  After some drying time added the arms, legs, legs, and clothing.


Grease unfinished figures


Next she painted confectioner's glaze (available at Devine Deals ) to Sandy's pants and Danny's jacket to give them a shine, and then gave them hair, eyes, lips, and eyebrows.  Addie will be teaching a figure-making class in the New Year!  You can check out more of her work on our Characters & Gumpaste work gallery.


Grease finished figures


The final version includes a checkerboard floor which was cut out and attached by my son, Jack.  Finally ribbon was glued to the board and a colour-flow logo was added. Everyone was thrilled with the final product. Hopefully they had the courage to cut it up and eat it!


Grease Danny Sandy car
Here are Sandy (Alex Gullason) and Danny (Lucas Blaney) posing with the final product!!


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